See Mesmerizing Photo of a ‘Grand Design’ Galaxy

See Mesmerizing Photo of a ‘Grand Design’ Galaxy

Creationists often say that there’s way too much order and beauty in the Universe for all of it to be just an accident of nature. A ‘grand designer’ has to be behind all of it, according to these folks, whether you want to call it God, Allah, a higher power, and so on.

Regardless of what the truth may be, here’s something that nobody can deny: astronomers still have a huge amount of information to learn about the Universe. The great astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson even spoke about the possibility that the human race might not represent anything, intellectually speaking, in the face of an advanced alien civilization. We would literally be perceived by them as we, ourselves, do with worms. Even the smartest guy who ever lived might be very stupid compared to those hypothetical aliens. Therefore, even having a conversation with a highly-intelligent alien would be out of the question. That’s the theory of Neil deGrasse Tyson, not ours.

But enough for our dose of nihilism for today!

NGC 4254 (aka Messier 99) is exposed by ESO’s Very Large Telescope

If you have already heard about the NGC 4254 galaxy, which is also known as Messier 99, it means you have some amazing hobbies! The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope just captured a mesmerizing photo of what’s also called a grand design spiral galaxy. 

Check it out below:

If you’re already dreaming of traveling to either of the galaxy’s exoplanets, you can forget about it! Messier 99 is located 49 million light-years away from our Milky Way galaxy. But who knows, maybe you secretly became the first person on Earth who created a wormhole and knows how to use it to travel such distances in no time. If that’s the case, please don’t keep it for yourself and share the secret with us in the comment section!

Cristian Antonescu

Even since he was a child, Cristian was staring curiously at the stars, wondering about the Universe and our place in it. Today he's seeing his dream come true by writing about the latest news in astronomy. Cristian is also glad to be covering health and other science topics, having significant experience in writing about such fields.

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