Second Earth Exoplanet Spotted In The Old Kepler Data

Second Earth Exoplanet Spotted In The Old Kepler Data

The Keppler study is bringing new theories, even though, at first, it was categorized as unsuccessful, as per NASA’s press release. A forgotten study was once stating what is today an enormous source of hope and forthcoming analysis. Because of sharp-eyed astronomers that decided to reconsider the results of the old Kepler mission, a Second Earth exoplanet is now being studied because of its habitable conditions.

The planet’s name is Kepler-1649c and has a similar size temperature and habitable conditions as the Earth. It is only 6% wider than our planet but received the almost the same quantity of light (75%) as the Earth. It orbits around a red dwarf, being situated 300 light-years from the Sun, the trip taking almost 20 Earth days.

Kepler Data Revealed A Second Earth Exoplanet

The first time the researchers analyzed this planet was by utilizing the Kepler space telescope, whose mission ended back in 2013, which has proven an unsuccessful experiment. This occurred because of the fact that the computer program mistaken the habitable planer for a “false positive,” proving that the artificial intelligence is still not as practical as the human brain.

The team of researchers has published that the planet has the necessary conditions to sustain life. Therefore the label that it was given is wholly resonated. The findings were published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters by the Kepler False Positive Working Group. its position in a habitable zone is stating that even though researchers are still unsure of the presence of an atmosphere on its surface.

The primary author of this survey is Andrew Vandenburg, a professor at the University of Texas, and his work is entitled. “A Habitable-Zone Earth-Sized Planet Rescued From False Positive Status.” The leading author, alongside the co-submitters of this research, is organizing a session of Reddit Ask me Anything on the popular Reddit platform tomorrow starting at 11 AM. The meeting will be one hour and a half and is aiming to answer fans’ questions about the Second Earth exoplanet.

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