Sea Level Rise Across the Planet Could Accelerate Rock Coast Erosion

Sea Level Rise Across the Planet Could Accelerate Rock Coast Erosion

Sea level rise around the globe doesn’t represent a new environmental issue at all, as experts have been warning about its potentially disastrous effects for a long time. A new study comes to add more emphasis on the problem. It claims that by the year 2100, rock coast erosion would be accelerated by global sea level rise.

Scientists from the Imperial College London are responsible for the new discovery. They also express the need for a strong and urgent response to the problem of anthropogenic climate change from those who live in or around the affected areas. The researchers also raise the alarm by claiming that the anticipated acceleration of cliff erosion occurring after sea level rise has been neglected. In their view, testing involving empirical evidence didn’t occur yet.

Rock coast erosion rates could be 10 times worse

The situation is indeed complicated considering that hundreds of million souls live in their houses at the coasts.

Dr. Dylan Rood, the senior author of the study and who works at the Department of Earth Science of Imperial, explained, as quotes:

Coastal erosion is one of the greatest financial risks to society of any natural hazard. Some rock cliffs are already crumbling, and within the next century, rock coast erosion rates could increase tenfold. Even rock coasts that have been stable in the last hundred years will likely respond to sea level rise by 2030.

The same scientist added, as the same source quotes:

Rock coast erosion is irreversible: Now is the time to limit future sea level rise before it’s too late. Humanity can directly control the fate of our coastlines by reducing greenhouse gas emissions—the future of our coasts is in our hands.

The new study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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