Scientists Should Be Focusing on Planet Nine and Kuiper Belt

Scientists Should Be Focusing on Planet Nine and Kuiper Belt

It is commonly believed that the solar system has eight planets after Pluto was officially downgraded to a dwarf planet. However, some rumors are stating that there might be a Planet Nine at the edges of our solar system, even though it has never been seen. A future initiative aims to send into the outer space a fleet of 100 rovers, hoping that one of them will discover the extraordinary.

Planet Nine is thought to be 15 times larger than our planet, is located at the edge of Milky Way, inside the Kuiper Belt. Should there be any Planet Nine in the solar system, it is located at 500 au (astronomical units). Just to get an idea of how far that is, our planet is 1 AU away from the Sun.

In addition to this, NASA has sent into the outer space two rovers, Voyager 1 and 2, and they are currently located at 148, respectively 123 au, after a long journey that started back in 1977.

The futuristic mission to find Planet Nine

Up until now, no research has managed to offer proper information that could confirm or infirm the existence of a ninth planet beyond Neptune. A new project presents the benefits of sending a spacecraft that could dive into the unknown miracles of the Kuiper Belt to determine the existence of the controversial planet.

The mission would include a fleet of rovers traveling fast through space. Even though the idea seems promising, the humanity has not reached the necessary technological status yet to conduct such impressive research.

Although it is highly improbable to develop the necessary equipment any time soon, which can travel at the needed speed and has the required components to find Planet Nine, we can still give this idea a try. In the end, if there is no Planet Nine, the humanity will still get a great deal of information regarding the inner workings of the Kuiper Belt.

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  1. I wondered that too. Why not send a satellite with a huge rocket (Raptor) With enough fuel to get it up to 150000 mph. With a go pro. Go pro is funny. A fancy go pro.


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