Scientists Shed More Light On How Mosquitoes Pick Their Targets

Scientists Shed More Light On How Mosquitoes Pick Their Targets

Mosquitoes are pretty annoying, aren’t they? Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? Now, you may be wondering why they even bite people, so let me tell you.

Our blood contains nutrition that is essential for the female mosquitoes to develop their eggs. Humans are not the only creatures that mosquitoes target; they also bote animals, birds, frogs and reptiles, and even earthworms. How odd is that? Moreover, there is a specific type of mosquitoes that focus on biting people, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

The Aedes aegypti species is what they are called, and on top of being annoying, they are also dangerous. How can a small creature like a mosquito harm people? It is because they can also transport living organisms, such as viruses. This specific category of mosquito spreads dengue and yellow fever viruses. The Anopheles mosquitoes also target humans, and they spread the parasites that cause malaria.

How Mosquitoes Pick Their Targets

According to some studies, these small creatures prefer the type O blood, but nothing was proved so far. It could be that in some cases, certain species of mosquitoes will target the type O people, but there is no indicator actually to prove that. Therefore, mosquitoes don’t target specific people.

So how do mosquitoes pick their target? It comes down to the heavy breathing and skin smell. Mosquitoes can detect the carbon dioxide we exhale, so when they need blood, they sense the carbon dioxide and bite. Depending on the increasing volume of carbon dioxide you exhale, so is your chance of getting a mosquito bite. The increased amount of carbon dioxide makes us an easier target.

Another reason that makes us an easy target fr mosquitoes is the amount of hair we have on our bodies. It could also be the body size that makes you attractive for mosquitoes. Take the pregnant women; for example, they are more likely to get more bites. Body heat and sweat can be one of the other reasons. However, what makes the difference is the smell of your skin. The chemicals our body release makes your skin more delectable or deter mosquitoes.

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