Scientists Root for Sex in Space, Believing It’s Important for Missions to Other Planets

Scientists Root for Sex in Space, Believing It’s Important for Missions to Other Planets

There are not a few people who believe that embarking on a space mission is one of the most important things we can do. Sexual encounters with the chosen one perhaps represent the greatest pleasure that a human being can experience. Therefore, why wouldn’t someone consider trying them both simultaneously?

Jokes aside, for now! According to Daily Mail, researchers from Canada believe that astronauts having sex in space represent a necessary act in the context of extended space missions of colonization of other planets. You know, just in case we ever go to Mars and plan to live there. Therefore, they believe that it’s important to insist on space sex discipline. Yes, you’ve read it right! 

No astronauts had sex in space so far

NASA scientists, on the other hand, believe that nobody has ever had sex in space. Or at least they didn’t find out if it happened. But the space agency is willing to consider the study of sex occurring beyond the atmosphere.

Scientists believe that it’s important to understand how sex works in a low-gravity environment. Not only professional astronauts might be going into space in the near future, leaving room for civilians to make their impact on astronomy somehow.

A NASA spokesperson explained for that “we are primarily concerned with ensuring crew members’ health and safety in space for long periods of time.”

He added, as quoted by the same publication:

Our Human Research Program is working to mitigate the five hazards of human spaceflight and researching ways to help crews work together and remain emotionally prepared during their journey.

Should a future need for more in-depth study on reproductive health in space be identified, NASA would take the appropriate steps.

Therefore, if you have always wanted to have a sexual experience out of this world, maybe you should consider becoming an astronaut.

Cristian Antonescu

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