Scientists Reverse Time – The Implications Are Jaw-Dropping

Scientists Reverse Time – The Implications Are Jaw-Dropping

While we’re waiting for a more or less miraculous cure for the novel coronavirus that managed to destroy and change a lot of lives on Earth, let’s check out some other issues as well. It’s true that there have been a lot of achievements that experts managed to make during these hard times, such as new treatments for the Covid-19 symptoms and some viable vaccines that could be promising. 

But, scientists are also making other kinds of mind-blowing discoveries these days and below, you can check out one of the latest and most intriguing ones. 

Scientists “reverse time”

IFL Science notes that some experts managed to “reverse time” in a quantum computer and the implications of such a massive achievement are beyond mind-blowing.

There have been all kinds of questions about time throughout history: does time have a particular direction? or can this direction be somehow changed? 

It’s been revealed that there’s a new study that’s been published on Scientific Reports which provides an amazing point of discussion on the subject.

There’s an international team of scientists who have constructed a time-reversal program on a quantum computer. It’s extremely important to note that their approach revealed something massive: “the time-reversal operation is so complex that it is extremely improbable, maybe impossible, for it to happen spontaneously in nature,” according to the online publication mentioned above. 

It was also noted that regarding the length that the laws of physics can reach, there is reportedly nothing out there to stop us from going forward or backwards in time! This truly sounds mind-blowing.

Experts created a complex scenario 

IFL Science notes that “in certain quantum systems it is possible to create a time-reversal operation. Here, the team crafted a thought experiment based on a realistic scenario.”

More than that, it’s important to note the fact that the evolution of a quantum system is governed by Schrödinger’s Equation – this gives us the probability of a particle being in a certain region.

There’s one other crucial aw of quantum mechanics involved here – this is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

This tells us that there’s no way to know the exact position and momentum of a certain particle because everything in this Universe behaves like both a particle and a wave at the very same time. 

The online publication mentioned above notes that the experiment was based on trying “to see if they could get time to spontaneously reverse itself for one particle for just the fraction of a second.”

Time reversal is not possible in nature, but it sure is in the lab – we strongly suggest that you check out the complete study in order to learn all the details about the huge implications that this achievement has. 


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