Scientists Reveal the Surprising 3rd Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Scientists Reveal the Surprising 3rd Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

We hate to disappoint you, but none of us will bypass death, regardless of how wealthy, smart, or pretty we are. But doing our best to make death occur as late as possible is surely an option, and there are so many ways to do that.

We can live a long life by avoiding drugs and alcohol, doing some workouts, avoiding the so-called ‘junk food’, visiting a doctor regularly, and so on. But there’s another critical aspect that you might need to take into account, and the odds are good that you haven’t thought about it before. Don’t worry, neither did we!

Watch out for bacterial antimicrobial resistance!

According to a new study that writes about, the third leading cause of death worldwide is bacterial antimicrobial resistance. In 2019 alone, this aspect led to the death of 4.95 million people.

Bacteria started to develop some resistance in the face of antibiotics, and this is not something new for science at all. Bacteria can adapt to antibiotics the longer it gets exposed to them, at least if we’re talking about the same antibiotics used over and over. This scenario obviously leads to more infections that no longer respond to the usual antibiotics.

Chris Murray, a health economist from the University of Washington, declared:

These new data reveal the true scale of antimicrobial resistance worldwide, and are a clear signal that we must act now to combat the threat,

Previous estimates had predicted 10 million annual deaths from antimicrobial resistance by 2050, but we now know for certain that we are already far closer to that figure than we thought. We need to leverage this data to course-correct action and drive innovation if we want to stay ahead in the race against antimicrobial resistance.

The new study was published in The Lancet.


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