Scientists Predict When Astronauts Could Travel to Saturn

Scientists Predict When Astronauts Could Travel to Saturn

Saturn was first observed in ancient times, as Babylonians were among those who took a good look at it. The gas giant is known for being the second-biggest planet in our Solar System. It’s also the planet that hosts the most moons 82 discovered so far. 

Therefore, Saturn seems like a reasonable destination if we rule out the fact that it doesn’t have a solid surface. But spacecraft could be able to remain above the surface to explore the space object. 

Surely it still sounds unfeasible, as no astronaut has ever been there. But who knows, let’s not forget that science is always evolving!

Going to Saturn in the year 2153?

According to, scientists from the US, China, and the Netherlands are now bringing a wild new claim: humans could be able to travel to the Saturnian system after more than a century from now, in 2153.

The researchers believe that humans will be able in the future to travel to various parts of the Solar System, including Mars.

To come to their theory and make the calculation, the researchers involved in the study considered both distance and time. More or less obvious and to be more precise, they took into account the distance from Earth that astronauts have ever traveled, as well as the time that went by since 1957 when the beginning of the Space Race started.   

While Elon Musk believes that humanity can reach Mars by the end of the current decade, the scientists responsible for the new study are much more pessimistic than that. They believe that the first astronauts will land on the Red Planet in 2038.

The shortest distance that separates Earth from Saturn is 1.2 billion kilometers. The distance from the two planets varies due to their movement through the solar system. The largest distance between the space objects surpasses 1.6 billion kilometers.

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