Scientists On The Right Track To Detecting Signals Of Dark Matter Directly

Scientists On The Right Track To Detecting Signals Of Dark Matter Directly

About 85% of the Universe is considered to be dark matter. But the dark matter has never been proved so far. It is as much a matter of faith as God is. Yes, it is scientifically believed to exist, unlike God, which is an emotional belief. But they are both the same: unseen, unproved, and impossible to be totally dismissed, or the Universe would have no meaning.

Scientists Struggle to Identify All the Dark Matter in the Universe

Both of them God and dark matter are the only thing that holds chaos together. They are those initial conditions that made chaos exist in the first place, and the ones that make chaos be chaotic. Scientifically, chaos doesn’t mean pure disorder, but rather sensibility to those conditions that made it exist and that continue to influence every move the system called chaos makes. It is existence, having been born from something, that makes chaos to be chaotic.

Just like religious people find meaning and proof that God exists in everything that has no reasonable sense, the scientists put everything they can’t explain on the bac of dark matter. Unlike religious belief, which accepts the irrational as part of the act of believing, scientists struggle to put reason into it. So, from time to time, another science martyr comes up with a new possibility to prove dark matter exists.

Jeff Dror is the newest martyr. He is a post-doctor -doctoral researcher in Berkeley Lab’s Theory Group and UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics and the lead author of a new study saying that dark matter might be caught in the act of existence through weakly interacting massive particle, or WIMP.

The New Particles’ Signals and the Dark Matter

WIMPs are particles just as hypothetical as dark matter. They don’t even have a clear definition, they are so empirical, that they are scientifically believed to be a “miracle” predicted by supersymmetric extensions of the standard model of particle physics. Sometimes scientists need to be stronger believers than God believers.

So, Dror believes he found the way to prove dark matter material existence through emissions of nuclei that previously absorbed dark matter. Supposedly, these nuclei could eject either electrons or neutrinos loaded with dark matter remains.

Sterile neutrinos are the theorized particles that could do that. That would mean altering the WIMP paradigm a little. But since WIMP isn’t anything but a presumption, why not? The new WIMPs would only have to have lighter masses, and they would be called fermions.

“It is easy, with small modifications to the WIMP paradigm, to accommodate a whole different type of signal. You can make a huge amount of progress with the minimal cost if you step back a little bit in the way we have been thinking about dark matter,” said Dror, the author of the new study on dark matter.


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