Scientists Have Terrible Prediction for the Future of Our World

Scientists Have Terrible Prediction for the Future of Our World

Climate change is one of those huge problems of the world that some people are still stubborn enough to neglect. Perhaps the worst part is that many of us might contribute to the problem without even knowing.

The human contribution to climate change could lead to awful consequences for the planet – the climate is becoming chaotic, according to new research by scientists from the University of Porto’s Department of Physics and Astronomy in Portugal that was published on arXiv.

We must reduce climate change and control the use of fossil fuels

The new research claims that reducing climate change and the use of fossil fuels represent mandatory actions. Otherwise, the Earth’s climate might become chaotic.

Climate change is well-known to already lead to awful outcomes for the world, such as heatwaves, droughts, and more. Orfeu Bertolami, a researcher who was involved in the new study, added for the following:

If the Earth System gets into the region of chaotic behavior, we will lose all hope of somehow fixing the problem.

While you may be wondering now what exactly is chaotic behavior, in this case, the same scientist has a pretty simple explanation. The same publication quotes him saying:

A chaotic behavior means that it will be impossible to predict the behavior of Earth System in the future even if we know with great certainty its present state,

It will mean that any capability to control and to drive the Earth System towards an equilibrium state that favors the habitability of the biosphere will be lost.

Other studies have shown that for the last seven years prior to 2021, Earth has recorded the warmest temperatures. While the future doesn’t sound very nice, the good news is that each and every one of us can provide help in tackling climate change.

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