Scientists Find Huge Mysterious Ring Floating in Space – Watch Video

Scientists Find Huge Mysterious Ring Floating in Space – Watch Video

There’s no need to be a scientist to realize that there’s a pretty weird universe we live in. And it becomes even weirder once we begin to approach it more. 

Galaxies, stars, and planets are amazing enough. Astronomers seem to be doing their best in analyzing many of them. But there are other structures out there in the vastness of the Cosmos that defy all expectations.

The first intergalactic supernova remnant ever found?

Scientists from the Western Sydney University, along with an international team of researchers, have discovered J0624–6948, an unusual structure near the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) galaxy. The weird object has the shape of a huge circular ring, according to

Scientists believe that the structure might be the first intergalactic supernova remnant that was ever found by astronomers. The peculiar object was first detected using the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) that’s managed by CSIRO.

Miroslav Filipovic, the lead author of the study and also a professor at the University’s School of Science, explained as quotes:

When we originally discovered this almost perfectly circular radio object we thought it was yet another ORC (Odd Radio Circle) but after our additional observations, it became clear that this object is much more likely to be something else.

The scientist also said as the same source cites:

The most plausible explanation is that the object is an intergalactic Supernova Remnant due to an exploded star that resided in the Large Magellanic Cloud outskirts that had undergone a single-degenerate type Ia supernova which involves the explosion of two stars orbiting each other.

Supernovae represent the end of the road for stars, and we should all consider ourselves lucky that Earth is not located near any of such cosmic threats.

The new study was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


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