Scientists Discover When Earth’s Oxygen Will Run Out – Should We Worry?

Scientists Discover When Earth’s Oxygen Will Run Out – Should We Worry?

They say you can’t live without love, but oxygen could be even more important. Even the chemical element generated by plants that we all need every second will run out someday, leaving the planet inhabitable. Once again, we have to realize that nothing lasts forever. now speaks about a new study that found out when our planet will run out of all its oxygen. The results may leave you speechless.

Earth will run out of oxygen in the next one billion years

The scientists found out that our planet’s oxygen levels will be thoroughly gone in about one billion years. This will obviously result in our planet becoming inhabitable for any life forms that need oxygen to survive, including us. Let’s look at the bright side: it’s exhilarating to know that our planet will keep providing oxygen for such a huge amount of time unless you somehow plan to live forever.

To come to a new conclusion, Christopher Reinhard (associate professor at Georgia Institute of Technology) along with Kazumi Ozaki (assistant professor at Toho University) modeled Earth’s climate and its biochemical processes.

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Ozaki declared, as quoted by

Indeed, it is generally thought that Earth’s biosphere will come to an end in the next 2 billion years due to the combination of overheating and CO2 scarcity for photosynthesis. If true, one can expect that atmospheric O2 levels will also eventually decreases in the distant future. However, it remains unclear exactly when and how this will occur.

Therefore, you’ll have to worry about the disappearance of oxygen from our planet’s atmosphere only if you somehow found the secret for eternal life. Otherwise, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but none of us will be around in the next one billion years.

The new study was published in Nature Geoscience.

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