Scientists Discover New Armored Dinosaur Species in China

Scientists Discover New Armored Dinosaur Species in China

The early Jurassic Period was pretty interesting when it comes to those huge reptiles that had been once roaming the Earth. We’re talking about a period that ended 145 million years ago. Although dinosaurs still had been living on our planet for other tens of millions of years afterward, we would sure like it if we somehow traveled back in time to go to the Jurassic Period. But obviously, staying there for too long is not an option. Just enough to take some selfies with a few friendly dinosaurs, if we find any.

Now seriously, a new discovery from China’s territory amazes scientists. According to CNN, an armored dinosaur named Yuxisaurus kopchicki was discovered in southwestern China. The dinosaur is a member of the thyreophoran group.

An unexpected discovery

The dinosaur was feeding with low-growing plants such as cycads and ferns. The creature measured 2 to 3 meters in length.
The animal’s armor was pretty solid, and it was made of bones. The shell was covering the dinosaur’s neck, limbs, and back. Large spikes were also present.

Just take a look at this majestic creation and see for yourself:

YouTube video

Paul Barrett, who’s a Professor of the Natural History Museum from London, along with his colleagues, stated as quotes:

Thyreophoran dinosaurs were important components of many terrestrial faunas from the Late Jurassic until the end of the Cretaceous, particularly in Laurasia,

However, many aspects of their earlier evolutionary history remain contentious and poorly known.

The majority of Late Mesozoic armored dinosaurs belonged to one of two major lineages — Ankylosauria or Stegosauria — whose earliest members are currently known from the Middle Jurassic.

The Thyreophora group lived until the end of the Cretaceous period. Body armor represented something usual for this group of ornithischian dinosaurs.


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