Scientists Discover Another ‘Super-Earth’ Planet That Could Be Hosting Life

Scientists Discover Another ‘Super-Earth’ Planet That Could Be Hosting Life

Astronomers have used data gathered by NASA’s TESS satellite to have a clearer view of what’s going on near the LP 890-9 star. Two ‘super-Earths’ revolve around it, and one of them seems to have the potential to host life.

The exoplanet known as LP 890-9c is the one in question, according to the New York Post. The solar system is even located in our own Milky Way galaxy – 100 light years away from us, to be more precise. The other ‘super-Earth’ is LP 890-9b, but it doesn’t qualify as potentially habitable.

Long live the ‘Goldilocks Zone’!

Apart from having a cute name, the Goldilocks Zone is what keeps us alive, literally speaking! Earth is located in the Goldilocks Zone of our Solar System, meaning not too far away from the Sun and neither too close to it. It’s the right position in a solar system where the right temperatures exist for life to exist and evolve.

The LP 890-9c exoplanet is also located in the Goldilocks Zone of its solar system, which is why astronomers suspect that there might be something alive there. University of Birmingham scientists analyzed the remote solar system in better detail using the SPECULOOS telescope. 

Amaury Triaud from the University of Birmingham stated as NewScientist quotes:

The outer planet is in the inner edge of what is called the habitable zone, a bit like the Earth is,

From my calculation, the system is the second best at the moment to study the climate of or find out the atmosphere with an instrument like the JWST.

Judging by how incredibly huge the Universe is, perhaps we’re all tempted to say that it might be teeming with life. There’s no wonder why astronomers keep trying to find traces of extraterrestrial life forms, although the existence of complex life is much more complicated than we can ever imagine.

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