Scientists Bring Major Warning: the Sixth Mass Extinction Has Already Begun

Scientists Bring Major Warning: the Sixth Mass Extinction Has Already Begun

Most of us have addictions, and we’re not saying that they’re necessarily bad. We like to read, learn, teach, swim, run, practice sports, film YouTube videos, write books, and many more. All of these aren’t bad habits at all. But regardless of how much we love doing them, we all have to realize that one day, they could all be gone.

Nothing lasts forever, and we have to cope with it. Everything we enjoy today could be gone another day. Both science and the Bible tell us that the world will be gone one day. But until that moment, we’ll probably have to face another mass extinction that has already begun.

Grave declines in animal biodiversity are already leading to the sixth mass extinction writes about a new terrifying study that triggers the alarm. It states that grave declines in the biodiversity of animals across the world are leading to the sixth mass extinction on Earth. But of course, there’s also some skepticism.


Robert Cowie, a bioscientist from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, explained as quoted by

Drastically increased rates of species extinctions and declining abundances of many animal and plant populations are well documented, yet some deny that these phenomena amount to mass extinction, 

This denial is based on a highly biased assessment of the crisis which focuses on mammals and birds and ignores invertebrates, which of course constitute the great majority of biodiversity.

All of the prior five mass extinctions from our planet’s history had been caused by natural phenomena.

The authors of the study wrote:

Current extinction rates, notably in terrestrial invertebrates, are far higher than background extinction rates.

We also show that use of IUCN Red List extinction data to determine current extinction rates inevitably leads to dramatic under-estimation of rates, except for birds, mammals and perhaps amphibians.

The new study was published in Biological Reviews.


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