Scientist Says That the Fireball Occurred Over Michigan Wasn’t a Meteor

Scientist Says That the Fireball Occurred Over Michigan Wasn’t a Meteor

Countless people report seeing UFOs in the sky from time to time. Theoretically, any object can have the quality of a UFO until someone is certain about its identity. One mysterious fireball occurred over Michigan on Wednesday, and a recent claim that Detroit Free Press tells us about is indeed shocking.

Part of the claim in question is that the fireball wasn’t a meteor. But those who are excited about the idea of humanity encountering alien life forms one day will have to forget about their passion a little. The same source tells us that the fireball from the skies of Michigan isn’t of extraterrestrial origin, either.

Blame it on the Russians

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell explained things in a rudimentary way, as quoted by Detroit Free Times:

The fact that it was going relatively slowly suggested it wasn’t a meteor,

Meteors go like ‘woosh’ across the sky, and are gone. This one was visible for several minutes.

He also added that it was “defiantly not aliens — unless you count the Russians as aliens.”

McDowell tells the world that there are all of the hints that the fireball is actually a Russian spy satellite known as Kosmos-2551. The gear was in a decaying orbit.

Fireballs occur across the sky very often, and they ignite the imagination of people even more often. And that’s a great thing, considering that speculations themselves are granting the flavor of our society. As many people believe that a fireball occurring across the sky could be an alien spaceship, it could turn out to be true someday.

Most astronomers and astrophysicists agree that aliens must exist, at least in a primitive form. Life could theoretically emerge and develop in many places throughout the Universe. What’s for sure is that the Russians are not aliens.

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