A Scientist Is Accusing NASA Of Covering Up The Existence Of Alien Life On Mars

A Scientist Is Accusing NASA Of Covering Up The Existence Of Alien Life On Mars

A scientist, Dr. Barry DiGregorio, is accusing NASA of covering up the existence of alien life on Mars. Dr. DiGregorio, who has worked from 1999 until 2010 at the British Cardiff Centre For Astrobiology, is considering that the recently released NASA footages are clearly showing the existence of alien life on Mars.

Was there alien life on Mars?

According to him, the images released by the NASA rovers this year are depicting some sort of fossils. According to DiGregorio, “soft-bodied aliens” were crawling on Mars millions, maybe billions, of years ago.

NASA cataloged the findings as crystals but its spokesmen admitted that the agency is opened to other theories, too. However, we guess that NASA wasn’t exactly thinking about a theory that those pics are, in fact, revealing the existence of alien life on Mars.

“These images, these figures, have not been seen on Mars to date. One of the things that grabbed me immediately was the expediency that NASA left the area of such a mission. So when I started looking, it wasn’t just the objects that were attached the outside, what they are calling sticks. If you look at the images more closely, the sticks merge into the host rock, this actually has features in it that are reminiscent of trace fossils,” declared Dr. Barry DiGregorio for Daily Star.

DiGregorio considers that Mars was inhabited

Dr. DiGregorio, who stated that he will shake NASA with the report he’s working on, has always believed that Mars held alien life with more than 1 billion years ago.

Even more, Dr. DiGregorio thinks that NASA is also aware that there are living microbes on Mars but it’s also covering this up.

The scientist also considers that NASA representatives are not saying a thing about alien life on Mars because otherwise, the future $250 billion mission to Mars wouldn’t be necessary anymore.


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