Science Explains Why Some People Die During or After Having Sex

Science Explains Why Some People Die During or After Having Sex

Love can hurt a lot and sometimes be even lethal. This is not necessarily a figure of speech, as every year, some people die during or after getting involved in a sexual act. Otherwise, we all know that sex with the chosen one is one of the greatest experiences a human being can go through.

So if sex is so pleasurable many times, why do some people pass away as a result of it? According to, there are people going through such things every year, and science is ready to explain why.

The incidence remains very low

Although sex can literally kill you sometimes, the incidence of such deaths remains very low: 0.6 percent of all sudden death cases.

The physical strain of the sexual act itself and the administration of illegal or prescription drugs represent the main causes why some people die during or soon after having sex. 

According to a study published last month, it was found that 0.2 percent of over 6,800 cases of sudden cardiac death occurred during or shortly after a sexual encounter. What’s perhaps even more surprising is that the average age of those who passed away was 38 years old.

Otherwise, there are plenty of huge benefits of having a healthy sexual life, according to We can mention decreased depression and anxiety, improved self-esteem, better immune system, lower blood pressure, immediate and natural pain relief, and even better heart health.

According to the same publication, here’s what Nicole Cirino, M.D., an Associate Psychiatry Professor, declared:

All women deserve to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

The same doctor said, as quoted by the same source:

You can release neurochemicals from caressing skin, kissing, sexual talk, feeling close to your partner, and enjoying mutual sexual satisfaction.



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