Science Discovers This Muscle Can Help You Lose Weight While Sitting Down!

Science Discovers This Muscle Can Help You Lose Weight While Sitting Down!

According to a groundbreaking discovery, the soleus muscle, found in the calf, can do wonders for metabolic health in your whole body if activated correctly while sedentary!

That’s right! This muscle can promote fat burning while you do nothing else but sit down!

Professor of Health and Human Performance at University of Houston, Marc Hamilton, is the one who found what the perfect activation is for this muscle to do its impressive work.

He states that “We are unaware of existing or even promising pharmaceuticals that come even close to raising and sustaining whole body oxidative metabolism at this magnitude.”

The study was published in the journal iScience not too long ago and indicates that this muscle’s ability to support an elevated oxidative metabolism as to improve blood glucose regulation is much more effective than other well-known ways that promise to do the same.

This apparently includes methods like intermittent fasting, exercise and weight loss, the soleus pushup being more effective than all of them!

Still, it needs to be mentioned that it partially depends on the muscle’s immediate energy needs whenever it is working.

Hamilton explained that “We never dreamed this muscle has this type of capacity. It has been inside our bodies all along, but no one investigated how to use it in order to optimize our health, before now. When activated right, the soleus muscle can raise the local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours, not only minutes, and does it by using a different fuel mixture.”

As per multiple biopsies, only a little glycogen contributed to fueling this muscle.

The soleus is able to use other types of fuels instead of breaking down glycogen, including fats and blood glucose.

Hamilton states that “The soleus’ lower than normal reliance on glycogen helps it work for hours without fatiguing during this sort of muscle activity, because there’s a clear limit to muscular endurance caused by glycogen depletion. As far as we know, this is the first effort to develop a specialized type of contractile activity focused on optimizing human metabolic processes.”

As for how to properly perform a soleus pushup, you need to start by keeping your feet flat on the floor while seated.

Relax your muscles before raising your heels while keeping the front of the feet in place.

After reaching the limit of your feet’s motion range, release them, allowing them to come back down passively.

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