Science Could Make Humans Increase Their Lifespan Twofold, Biologist Claims

Science Could Make Humans Increase Their Lifespan Twofold, Biologist Claims

Perhaps none of us likes the idea of becoming old. But at the same time, we want to live as long as possible. What a paradox, right? Dealing with the thought of the evanescence of life is one of the terrifying aspects of our existence.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for anybody that science has always been looking to make us live much longer. We can consider that it has already done it in a sense by the simple fact that a lot of diseases can be cured nowadays, although they were just synonymous with a death sentence decades or centuries ago. But what if science will find a way to make us live twice as much as we generally do today? Dr. Andrew Steele brings hope in that direction!

We could live up to 200 years because of a hypothetical drug

Dr. Andrew Steele is a British computational biologist, and he believes that it is possible to increase our lifespan up to 200 years, according to BGR. He relies on a hypothetical drug and the potential of senolytics to bring it to reality.

Senolytics is a newer field of research that aims to develop drugs capable of eliminating senescent cells, meaning those cells that can degrade tissue function. When these cells stop dividing naturally, certain compounds are released that accelerate the aging process. But obviously, if such cells are destroyed, no more of those compounds would be released anymore, resulting in the person not aging as before.

An experiment involving the new method was conducted in mice roughly 2 years ago, and great results were obtained. That trial now gives scientists a lot of hope that humans could benefit as well. But of course, a lot more research is needed!

Therefore, we still have a lot more to wait until and if it will be possible for someone to get his lifespan increased twofold. But if one day, an apparently young person tells you that he’s 150 years old, for instance, don’t immediately assume that he’s nuts or a vampire!


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