Science Could Grant Us Eternal Life, Says Former Senior Advisor of Donald Trump

Science Could Grant Us Eternal Life, Says Former Senior Advisor of Donald Trump

The concept of life after death appears in all the world’s biggest religions and in a huge amount of myths and legends. While those people who embrace them might know something others don’t, skeptics say that one of the reasons behind promoting faith in the afterlife is simply human nature’s incapacity to deal with the thought that life is limited, at least in its physical form.

We’re not here to deny the existence of our conscious state in some future metaphysical realm that might exist after our material life fades away. But science might hold the key to making us humans immortal in the future, even in this physical and limited Universe, or at least that’s a possibility that Jared Kushner has the courage to invoke.

Jared Kushner says that scientific advancements and exercise could make humans immortal

Jared Kushner, the Former Senior Advisor of former US President Donald Trump, brings a completely unexpected statement. He believes that there’s a “good probability” for his generation to be the first one to achieve immortality thanks to the advancements in science. Therefore, remaining in good physical shape is his best bet for that possible wild scenario. 

Let’s suppose that Kusher is right and science will make us achieve immortality. Would it really be as exciting as it sounds? Couldn’t we get bored of living? And since the entire world will be swallowed by the Sun, which will increase its volume enough in about 5 billion years (science approved), where would an immortal human go? He obviously needs to find a new “Earth” to live. There’s no guarantee that science can solve that problem as well, if, by any chance, it can make us immortal someday.

Enough with playing devil’s advocate. We don’t know about you, but we’re taking Kusher’s claims with a huge grain of salt. However, he had a good point when he suggested that exercise plays a huge role in keeping us healthy.

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