Saying “Goodbye” to Glasses: FDA Approves Eye Drops For Improving Vision

Saying “Goodbye” to Glasses: FDA Approves Eye Drops For Improving Vision

Wearing glasses is indeed useful if you lack good enough eyesight. But let’s face it: pretty much nobody likes putting on those spectacles. Furthermore, they can sometimes even decrease a guy’s chances of being a big hit with the ladies.

According to, those suffering from age-related blurred vision could benefit from an eye drop known as Vuity that was recently approved. The product has already started to hit the market, and it could mean a lot of people’s reason to give up reading glasses for good.

Six to ten hours of improved vision per drop

With just a drop on each eye from the product, the vision will be improved for six to ten hours. Furthermore, the client will have to wait only 15 minutes for the medicine to kick in. And that’s exhilarating news when you realize that time means money. The medicine is exploiting the ability of the eye to reduce the pupil’s size.

Vuity has become the first eye drop to treat blurry near vision caused by aging that was approved by the FDA.

Dr. George Waring, who is the principal investigator of the trial, explained how it works, as quoted by

Reducing the pupil size expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, and that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally.

But there’s also a downside, as you know what they say that there’s no such thing as perfection in life. During the trial, some side effects were found, such as headaches, but there’s also some good news here. Waring declared, as cited by the same source:

This is something that we anticipate will be well tolerated long term, but this will be evaluated and studied in a formal capacity.

Presbyopia, meaning the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on objects that are nearby, usually becomes noticeable for a person after 40 years old.


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