Say ‘Goodbye’ to Dizziness When Standing Up By Following Two Simple Muscle Exercises

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Dizziness When Standing Up By Following Two Simple Muscle Exercises

If you’re feeling dizzy when rising from your bed or a stool, it means that you’re going through something that many people have to face as well. If it happens only from time to time, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious health issue, but it’s certainly not a pleasant experience as well. 

According to, a new study says that you can solve the IOH (initial orthostatic hypotension) problem by applying some simple muscle exercises. IOH refers exactly to when the blood pressure drops suddenly and rapidly, causing dizziness when the person stands up.

You must activate the lower body muscles before you stand or afterward

The two exercises are to repeatedly raise the knee while sitting for 30 seconds and then to stand and cross the legs for 30 seconds. Twenty-two women who had a history of OIH were studied within the new research as well as how the aforementioned exercises affected them. It was concluded that both exercises were effective in relieving the OIH symptoms.

Satish Raj, who’s a cardiologist from the University of Calgary, explained:

Almost everyone has probably experienced some light-headedness at some time after standing up,

For some people, this is a frequent occurrence and may happen several times a day, which can be very frightening and negatively impact their quality of life.

Nasia Sheikh, a clinical researcher from the University of Calgary, stated:

Since it is a physical maneuver, it simply requires the lower body limbs, which patients can utilize at any time and from anywhere to combat their symptoms.

Feel free to tell us if you’ve also gone through experiences regarding dizziness after standing up and if you had any other methods of overcoming the issue, as the comment section is available for everyone to leave their thoughts!

The new study was published in Heart Rhythm.


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