Saturn Could Lose Its Most Important Moon

Saturn Could Lose Its Most Important Moon

The moon known as “Titan” which completes a full orbit around Saturn in 16 Earth days, is considered pretty important by astronomers. The natural satellite of the gas giant is home to elements similar to those of Earth in the object’s atmosphere, which leads to the idea that Titan could also host some life forms.

According to, Saturn could lose Titan sometime in the future. The explanation is simple: the natural satellite’s outsized effect for the planet’s tilt, as well as the outward migration, could knock the gas giant on its side.

Titan could escape Saturn’s gravity or collide with the planet

It’s a bit ironic that the gravity of Saturn is the thing that keeps Titan close enough since the fundamental force of nature usually pushes objects together. But it’s not very unusual for a natural satellite to escape its host planet’s gravity,

To make matters worse for Titan, we must know that the moon of Saturn is moving away from the gas giant at roughly 11 centimeters per year.

However, even if Saturn loses Titan, the gas giant still has plenty of other moons revolving around it. Saturn is the champion of the Solar System with 82 discovered moons. Who knows, there could be even more moons revolving around the gas giant, but astronomers still need to discover them.

Jupiter is the second planet from the Solar System, considering the number of discovered moons, as you probably have already guessed. Jupiter has 79 discovered moons, which is still a bit weird considering that we’re talking about a planet that’s bigger than Saturn.

Despite Titan possibly leaving Saturn, astronomers still have plenty of time to explore the gas giant’s moon. Hopefully, they’ll also find anything that’s living there.

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