Russians Scientists Elaborated A Theory That Can Solve The Mystery Of Primordial Black Holes

Russians Scientists Elaborated A Theory That Can Solve The Mystery Of Primordial Black Holes

The most widespread hypothesis states that black holes form after massive stars explode. However, the existence of black holes which had formed during the early ages of the Universe question this theory. The researchers at Russia’s National Research Nuclear University give an answer to this mystery as the Russian scientists elaborated a theory that can solve the mystery of primordial black holes.

The primordial black holes undermine the stellar origin theory

The data of the observations point more and more to the existence of the so-called primordial black holes, which were formed so early that it is difficult to explain their appearance in a conventional way as results of massive stars explosions.

The possibility that these massive black holes coexist one near the other is minimal from the point of view of the hypothesis of their stellar origin.

The approach developed at the Russian National University of Nuclear Research MEPhI, by the scientific team of the Professor Sergei Rubin, tries explaining the appearance of those primordial black holes without ruling out the simultaneous existence of two massive black holes or the stellar origin of them.

Primordial black holes could’ve formed from the specific energy of some Universe’s regions

“As is well known, energy tends to the minimum if there is friction, that is, space, in general, tends to a minimum value, while in a small region it tends to a different one, and this small region possesses a very large energy capable of becoming in a black hole,” explained Rubin.

Unlike many other models of the formation of primordial black holes, the scenario proposed by the Russians assumes that the primordial black holes were formed in clusters.

At this time, scientists are working on different hypotheses of the evolution of primordial black hole clusters after their emergence.

Rubin explained that “once formed, the primordial black holes begin to interact with each other, collide and merge, and the black holes that were in the periphery are trapped by the general expansion of space and leave the cluster forever”.

In short, Russian scientists elaborated a theory to solve the mystery of primordial black holes, namely, that the primordial black holes were formed by specific massive energy in small regions of the Universe, under specific conditions.


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