Russian Space Robots To Join The ISS As Soon As 2019

Russian Space Robots To Join The ISS As Soon As 2019

Russia is developing space robots, a sort of androids, designed to work on the International Space Station. These space robots will be ready to join the ISS as soon as 2019, according to RIA Novosti.

In comparison to any other previously developed and deployed robots, the new Russian space robots will be sent on the ISS as crew members onboard Soyuz rockets. Even more, the Russian scientists hope their androids will help Russian astronauts build the lunar base, Russia plans on constructing soon.

In a YouTube video, the scientists present FEDOR, the abbreviation for Final Experimental Demonstration Research, fulfilling various easy tasks such as lifting weights. However, the primary objective of FEDOR will be to assist astronauts in building the future Russian lunar base.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, Putin’s deputy premier, “this thing can work without a space suit, live not only in a crew vehicle but even outside it. Its name is Fyodor.”

FEDOR, one of the Russian space robots, could join the ISS in August 2019

The Final Experimental Demonstration Research, FEDOR, is a space robot of 6-ft tall and 233 pounds, depending on its equipment. However, FEDOR can lift up as much as 44 pounds of cargo.

The Russian scientists and officials want to enter into a new era of space exploration, an age in which robots and artificial intelligence play a significant role, assisting humans in their missions. For that reason, the Russian space robots are specifically designed to help astronauts.

“During space walking missions and on other planets, astronauts will rely on robots,” asserted Sergei Khurs, FEDOR project’s manager and the Director of the Russian National Center for Technology Development and Basic Robotics.

The creators of the Russian space robots, out of which only FEDOR is operational for now, hope that these androids will help astronauts build a base on the Moon and other planets, as well.


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