Rome Residents Establish Curfew After Wild Boars Attacked Humans

Rome Residents Establish Curfew After Wild Boars Attacked Humans

Wild boars are known to be very dangerous animals. Despite the fact that they’re aggressive, they can also infest people with awful diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, and flu. Therefore, getting into contact with such a creature isn’t a wise move.

According to The Guardian, a wave of attacks from wild boars in the northern part of Italy’s capital Rome made residents initiate a curfew during the night. The Balduina urban area of Rome is one of the affected regions by the wild animals.

Residents established an 8:30 pm curfew

Gianluca Sabino, who’s a resident of Balduina, stated for La Republica publication, according to The Guardian:

On the [social media] chats between people in the district, and especially in group chats between people who have dogs, it is advised not to go out after 8.30pm,

Because at night, if somebody falls over or is hurt and nobody is around to help, then they could remain on the ground for who knows how long.

On Sunday night, one woman was taken down to the ground by a boar in the Italian region. 

Franco Quaranta is the president of an activist group of residents from Aurelio. He said the following, as quoted by the same source mentioned above:

This time the victim was an adult – but what if it happens to a child? With [the boars’] teeth, even just a bite to the leg is enough to jeopardise someone’s life.

Wild boars are known as nocturnal animals, and their favorite food is represented by mice, lizards, fruits, seeds, berries, eggs, leaves, worms, and snakes.

There are plenty of interesting facts about wild boars. For instance, these animals can squeal louder than the sound generated by a motorcycle. The animal’s squeal reaches about 115 decibels, while the noise generated by a motorcycle reaches only 100 decibels.


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