Rogue Star Inflicts Influence on Stellar Nursery

Rogue Star Inflicts Influence on Stellar Nursery

The L483 star-forming cloud receives some special attention from astronomers after they find out that something unusual is happening there. A Northwestern University-led team of astrophysicists discovered a hidden star in L483 that was placed behind a newborn star.

The magnetic field of the star-forming cloud appears twisted, and brings the news about the case. It is believed that the stellar nursery is undergoing disruption from a wandering star. 

Erin Cox, who led the study, stated as quotes:

It’s the star’s sibling, basically,

We think these stars formed far apart, and one moved closer to the other to form a binary. When the star traveled closer to its sibling, it shifted the dynamics of the cloud to twist its magnetic field.

A binary star represents a system consisting of two stars that are gravitationally tied to one another.

Cox also explained, as the same source quotes:

Learning how binary stars form is exciting because planet and star formation take place at the same time, and binary stars dynamically interact with each other,

In our census of exoplanets, we know planets exist around these double stars, but we don’t know much about how these planets differ from the ones that live around isolated stars. With new instruments coming online to discover and probe new binary systems, we will be able to test these results with a statistical sample.

While stars can go rogue, even planets can follow a similar pattern. Known simply as rogue planets, these cosmic objects can be kicked out of their solar systems by different factors. Although nobody knows exact numbers, there could be countless rogue planets and rogue stars out there in the observable Universe!

The new research will be presented at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), which will take place in Pasadena, California. 

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