Rocks From Mars Show Mysterious and Purple Coating

Rocks From Mars Show Mysterious and Purple Coating

Mars has always been a main point of attraction when it comes to space exploration. Unfortunately, no astronaut has landed there so far, but space agencies hope to fix that by the end of the decade. Instead, plenty of rovers had been roaming the surface of the Red Planet.

But even nowadays, Mars still amazes us all. According to National Geographic, the Perseverance rover now encounters purple coating on many sites from the Red Planet. It doesn’t even matter what shape or size a rock from our neighboring planet has – many of them have the purple coating.

Astronomers still look for answers

Nina Lanza, who’s the team lead for Space and Planetary Exploration from Los Alamos National Laboratory, declared as quoted by National Geographic:

There’s a lot to look forward to as we continue to do analyses.

However, astronomers keep getting new insights into Mars that leave them almost speechless. For instance, the European Space Agency recently caught an image of the Red Planet like it was never seen before.

As scientists keep trying to figure out how humanity can terraform Mars one day, there are both sides out there. Some believe that it will never be possible, while others strongly opt for the opposite. 

Jim Green, a top NASA scientist, is one of those who are in favor of the possibility of terraforming the Red Planet at some point in the future. He’s even confident that humanity will terraform both Mars and Venus. 

Jim Green is known as James Lauer Green by his full name, and he received his Ph.D. in Space Physics in 1979 at the University of Iowa.


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