Rising Sea Levels Can Become Dangerous for the Lives of Inhabitants of a US Coast

Rising Sea Levels Can Become Dangerous for the Lives of Inhabitants of a US Coast

Rising sea levels represent one of the biggest environmental issues of our planet. As you might have already guessed, global warming is to blame. It causes rising sea levels in two ways. Glaciers and ice sheets from across the world are melting too much and too fast, resulting in excess of water on the globe. The other way is the volume of an ocean expanding as a result of the water warming itself.

NPR.org speaks about a global climate summit happening this week in Scotland that will gather world leaders from nearly 200 countries to find solutions for controlling the rise of sea levels. The same publication raises awareness for rising sea levels, possibly becoming a threat for some living on a US coast.

Eyes set on South of Charleston, S.C

On the south part of Charleston (SC), there’s a desolate image of trees standing in the water and on the shore. Most precisely, you can see them on a beachfront from Hunting Island State Park. The situation was created due to high tides pushing seawater towards woodland areas.

Lora Clarke, who’s a marine conservationist at the Pew Charitable Trusts, and also an NPR funder, declared as quoted by the publication:

[It’s] sort of breathtaking the way that you can look at it and see the direct impacts of sea level rise right here on the coast.

She brings an even more worrying statement, as cited by the same source:

Ghost forests have happened for thousands of years or so, but we’re seeing more ghost forests occur at a faster rate than before.

Feel free to tell us if rising sea levels are affecting you in any way in the area where you live. The comment section is available for everyone, and we are eager to read everyone’s opinions!

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