“Ring Of Fire” Cosmic Event To Take Place This Weekend

“Ring Of Fire” Cosmic Event To Take Place This Weekend

There is a “ring of fire” solar eclipse that’s set to take place during this weekend. CNET reveals that the full annular eclipse will be visible across some parts of Asia and Africa, but, of course, you will also be able to follow the exciting event online as well. 

This is the first of two 2020 solar eclipses that will be tuning the sun into a glowing “ring of fire” on June 21. Also, people who are around a narrow band of the globe will get the chance to see this rare eclipse.

It’s also important to highlight the fact that an annular solar eclipse happens when the moon is too far away from us to completely hide the sun and this means that it will be leaving a circle of brightness around the moon. This spectacular look got the name “ring of fire.”

As we already said, from some parts in Asia and Africa the event will be visible in the sky. 

Here’s how you can see the eclipse 

“A narrow stripe from Africa to the Pacific Ocean will see the Moon in front of the Sun (blocking 99.4% of the Sun at its peak in northern India) such that only a bright ring is visible,” NASA stated not too long ago.

CNET noted that if you’re not in the right geographic spot to catch the eclipse with the naked eye, you may still get a chance to see it thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project.

This livestreams notable celestial events. Eclipse fans in the US will need to stay up late. The Virtual Telescope Project will kick off coverage at 10:30 p.m. PT on Saturday night,” according to the latest info coming from CNET.

In other news, the space agency made headlines recently when ti’s been revealed that a new NASA mission could get the green light next summer – this aims to untangle the mysteries of Triton, which is Neptune’s largest moon.

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