Researchers Strive to Find Signs of Alien Life

Researchers Strive to Find Signs of Alien Life

For several decades alien life was nothing more than a plot device used by books, movies, video games, and other works. This has changed as more researchers are interested in the possibility that alien facts may exist and governments and private companies are willing to finance studies which seek to offer a definite answer. They are backed by a series of discoveries which forced scientists to rethink how the notion of alien life is perceived.

The basic bricks of life are chemical, with carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen being some of the most common elements in the universe. Complex elements like amino acids have been found in the tail of comets, and organic components were found in the Martian soil.

Habitability plays an essential role in the equation of alien life. While the first planet located beyond the premises of our solar systems was spotted almost 25 years ago, thousands have been identified by now, and new ones are being detected.

Search for alien life is moving to the next level

A team of researchers used a complex simulation which reveals that up to 40 billion exoplanets which are on par with Earth could be found in the depths of space, with most of them being located in the habitable zone of their star, a golden area which offers the ideal conditions for the appearance of life.

It is known that Mars used to offer a kind climate, which may have allowed life to bloom before it appeared on Earth. Select studies note that liquid water can be found under the surface of the planet. A gas which is often associated with the presence of life, methane, is abundant on the planet and the levels vary as seasons change.

Researchers are already planning to look for microbial life on Mars; an advanced probe should begin drilling operations by 2021. As technology continues to improve the task to track down possible life forms will become easier. It is likely that new and essential information will surface in the following years.


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