Record Melting Level Reported for Alberta Glacier – Can It Get Even Worse?

Record Melting Level Reported for Alberta Glacier – Can It Get Even Worse?

The results of climate change are many times irreversible and terrifying. Huge portions of glaciers melting represent one of the circumstances, and these amounts become more and more imposing. A glacier from the Canadian province of Alberta has shown its highest level of melting in 2021, according to

But the bad news is far from over. The new research even suggests that the current situation could get worse, and the Saskatchewan Glacier will be history by the end of the century.

Melting by over 10 meters in 2021

Brian Menounos, who’s a glaciologist at the University of Northern British Columbia, declared while on Radio Active of CBC Edmonton, and as quoted by

It clearly is the most extreme melt that we’ve seen.

The explanation for the fast-melting isn’t easy to provide. It’s believed that a heat wave from June is the culprit.

Saskatchewan is also the name of a Canadian province that has borders with the USA in its south part.

Oddly enough, even young people are showing interest and concern regarding climate change.

Climate hasn’t always been friendly on Earth, that’s for sure. But what’s also staggering is that volcanoes also provided some help for the long climate of our planet.

Dr. Tom Germon declared as quoted by

In this respect, weathering of the Earth’s surface serves as a geological thermostat,
But the underlying controls have proven difficult to determine due to the complexity of the Earth system.

Global warming is one of the biggest issues nowadays, and finding solutions for it ASAP is practically mandatory. Earth’s average temperature is determined by the greenhouse effect. However, most of the increase in temperatures worldwide since 1950 was caused by the activities of humans.

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