Quantum Physics Might Give You a Very Small Chance to Wake Up on Mars, Renowned Physicist Claims

Quantum Physics Might Give You a Very Small Chance to Wake Up on Mars, Renowned Physicist Claims

As soon as you listen to the first lecture of the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku that you find online, you may fall in love with him immediately. Kaku is a renowned scientist who has the gift of exposing his lessons in a very kind and comprehensible way.

Michio Kaku teaches theoretical physics at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center. Futurism.com reveals the mind-blowing possibility that the famous scientist raises while relying on the hazard of quantum physics: a very slight chance, but still existing, for a person to wake up on Mars tomorrow.

“Be careful what you wish for,” says an old proverb. If someone somehow gets transported to Mars instantly, we should not forget that the conditions there are very unfriendly for any form of life as we know it. There’s no liquid water, and 95% of the atmosphere contains carbon dioxide, which is toxic to us. 

Writing in New York Times, according to Futurism, Michio Kaku said:

Quantum theory is based on what is known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, allowing for a small probability that we can exist even on distant places like Mars.

He also adds:

There’s a tiny but calculable likelihood that our quantum wave will tunnel its way through space-time and wind up there.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should sit on a chair waiting for tomorrow to arrive so that you’ll become the first Martian. Once again, we must emphasize that the idea is still enormously improbable. But anyone who has been at least a bit interested in physics found out that the quantum realm works in mysterious ways!

Therefore, we’ll most likely have to wait for SpaceX and NASA to figure out how to transport us to Mars in a safe way.



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