Quantum Physics Breakthrough: Single Atoms Stabilized in Place For The First Time

Quantum Physics Breakthrough: Single Atoms Stabilized in Place For The First Time

In what seems to be the most daring experiment so far, quantum physicists from the University of Otago prove there are no limits when it comes to science. They succeeded in finding a way to “hold” single atoms in place, providing a never-seen-before preview at the way they communicate. The team’s findings could support other discoveries as well, along with new technologies and theories. Their work could also pack a lot of computing power into little microchips, more than it could have been done today.

The Recent Quantum Physics Experiment on Single Atoms

The team had succeeded as well to notice two of three atoms strike to develop a molecule. Such a thing has never seen before at this scale. They didn’t expect such great results compared to other measurements and experiments, and even it took them so long.

“By working at this molecular level, we now know more about how atoms collide and react with one another,” explained Marvin Weyland, the postdoc researcher and main author. He also detailed how essential such a technique is. It could offer a way to develop and manage single molecules of certain chemicals, too.

For the team’s discovery and observations, things weren’t that simple. They needed some advanced technology topped with the best equipment. Also, the process lasted for many hours/day, during months. As Mikkel Anderson, co-author of the research, stated: “Our method involves the individual trapping and cooling of three atoms to a temperature of about a millionth of a Kelvin using highly focused laser beams in a hyper-evacuated (vacuum) chamber, around the size of a toaster.”

So, a multitude of instruments, such as a vacuum chamber, lasers, mirrors, and microscopes, have offered the perfect elements to examine this quantum process. The work is also providing us an unseen glimpse into the microscopic universe.

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