Quantum Internet Is One Step Closer To Become A Reality

Quantum Internet Is One Step Closer To Become A Reality

Russian physicists from MIPT found a ‘forgotten’ material, which can become the basis for a high-speed Quantum Internet. This material provides transfer rates over a channel that is absolutely protected by the laws of physics at more than 1 Gbit/s and makes the Quantum Internet faster than the classical one.

The whole world is racing to create quantum computers

Quantum computers have long been the dream of industry’s giants, such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, and the leading international research centers and universities. It is not yet known when such devices will appear, but the world should be preparing for their appearance.

The fact is that a quantum computer can cause a revolution in the field of information security. The security of the important transmitted information (bank transactions, governmental institutions communications, etc.) is now provided with encryption algorithms and breaking them takes years even for the smartest supercomputer in the world. However, a quantum computer would decode the information in just a fraction of a second.

Russians scientists used silicon carbide, a long-forgotten material

The solution of the researchers from MIPT consists in using the silicon carbide material which is a long-forgotten material with high applicability in optoelectronics.

Dmitry Fedyanin and colleagues from the laboratory at the MIPT investigated the physics of a single-photon electroluminescence in silicon carbide and developed a theory that explains and accurately reproduces experimental results.

The researchers showed how to improve the carbide-silicon single-photon to increase the photon emission rates to several billion per second. This is what is required for the implementation of protocols of quantum cryptography at a speed of more than 1 Gbit/s.

Two other authors of the study, Igor Khramtsov and Andrei Vishnevy draw attention to the fact that, most likely, in the future there will be other materials that will approach silicon carbide but, unlike the devices made with silicon carbide devices, the devices made from the similar materials will not be able to be manufactured industrially in the same technological process as most modern microchips.

In conclusion, Russians made the first mentionable steps towards quantum internet and quantum cryptography. The world seems to be heading towards a very exciting period for all the mankind.

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