Planet Nine Might Exist, According To The Trajectory Of A Dwarf Planet In The Outer Solar System

Planet Nine Might Exist, According To The Trajectory Of A Dwarf Planet In The Outer Solar System

Scientists have long discussed the existence of the so-called Planet Nine which would be a space object which is supposedly laying in the outer solar system. Many of them, on the other hand, consider it a myth. However, a recent study on a dwarf planet brings new evidence to support the existence of Planet Nine.

Astronomers have just studied a rocky object whose trajectory seems to be determined by the gravity of the supposed ninth planet.

It was in 2016 when scientists assumed that the planet existed after recording the orbits of space ice objects that probably revolved around Planet Nine in the outer solar system.

Although the alleged planet has never been observed so far, many scientists, including NASA researchers, have provided evidence that the planet exists.

The existence of Planet Nine is supported by a newly found dwarf planet

A recently published study is dedicated to an object large enough to be considered a dwarf planet, namely the 2015 BP519 space object which attracted the attention of astronomers by differing from most objects that rotate around the Sun.

The researchers also calculated what a space object’s trajectory would be like if it revolved around the supposed Planet Nine and the orbit turned out to be similar to that of 2015 BP519.

“This is not proof that Planet Nine exists (…) But I would say that the presence of such an object in the solar system reinforces the hypothesis about its existence,” said David Gerdes, one of the study’s authors.

This is not the first research in this regard

In 2016 the astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology published a study dealing with six objects in the Kuiper belt. All the objects presented similar elliptical orbits, quite different from those of the eight planets of the Solar System.

Back then, the scientists considered that only the presence of Planet Nine would influence the six objects’ orbits in such a manner.



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