Planet Nine Existence Could Be Proved By Studying Medieval Tapestries, Some Astronomers Believe

Planet Nine Existence Could Be Proved By Studying Medieval Tapestries, Some Astronomers Believe

A group of scientists is seeking proof for the atypical Planet Nine in a quite uncharacteristic manner, namely, by studying the medieval tapestries, known as the Bayeux Tapestries.

This is all inspired by a new presentation conducted by Queen’s University Belfast, called Marveling At The Skies: Angles-Saxon Comets And The Quest For Planet Nine, which is available until June 3rd at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

According to the specialists, by mixing the medieval records of comets sighings coming from Anglo-Saxon sources with modern-day readings on comets and comets’ images, the presentation walks the visitors into a cosmic adventure from the first depiction of a comet which occurred in England, in 891 during the Alfred the Great, to the observation of the mysterious greenish Lovejoy comet, back in 2013.

Its purpose is to highlight the relevance of science and astronomy in medieval Europe and to demonstrate how these can be used for the history of science.

Well then, how are these medieval tapestries applicable to Planet Nine?

“The Anglo-Saxons could not have seen Planet Nine, therefore, it cannot be portrayed on any tapestry,” stated the project leader, Dr. Marilina Cesario. In contrast, now, the researcher will be seeking proof of this planet based on the models founded by the tapestries.

Hypothetically, the Planet Nine is a 9th planet that is located at the border of our Solar System. In 2016, this planet was proposed by Caltech’s astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown.

The existence of the planet can be determined from the bizarre orbits of asteroids and comets as they move outside our solar system. These space objects’ orbits are quite long and they look like being dragged by an invisible bigger space object, which could indeed be a planet.

Using the medieval tapestries, scientists believe that the comets depictions on these tapestries can be useful in proving the existence of the 9th planet. Thus, if certain comets occur in line with the models that feature Planet Nine, then perhaps it is possible to indeed prove the planet’s existence.


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