Pink Supermoon In April Will Be The Biggest Full Moon Of The Year

Pink Supermoon In April Will Be The Biggest Full Moon Of The Year

In the night between the 7th and the 8th of April, the Moon will be at its fullest in the so-called Pink Supermoon. It will be the biggest full Moon of the year. But that’s no reason to geta out from your home. If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden, or in an apartment ate the top floors, you can enjoy your first-class tickets to the Moon’s biggest show of the year. If not, enjoy a little history of April’s full Moon.

The Pink Supermoon Will Shine In April

Orality and cultural differences gave many names to the full Moon. Each month of the year has a full moon, and each of them has lots of names given since ancient times by different tribes and local traditions:

  • The Full Moon in April goes by names such as Seed Moon, Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Pascal Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Frog Moon, Spring Moon, Sap Moon, or Awakening Moon.
  • They called it the Seed Moon because it is the proper season for planting the seeds. The Pink Supermoon, for one of the flowers that bloom this season, the creeping phlox.
  • They are sprouting Grass Moon, because, at this time of the year, the fields start to become green with grass.
  • Pascal Moon, as it is Easter time.
  • Egg Moon, because it is the time when creatures from animal kingdom lay their eggs.
  • Fish Moon, for in early April, the shad swam upstream to spawn.
  • Frog Moon, the frog’s mating activity is synchronized by the full Moon all over the world.
  • Spring Moon, it’s the most evident of April’s Full Moon’s name.
  • Sap Moon, because it is the time when the earth begins the natural cycle of nature revival.

But, if we look at the other meaning of the word sap, gradually weaken or destroy someone’s strength or power, the Sap Moon might be the most appropriate name. The times we live might make us feel like we have none. And there is the Awakening Moon. Since all around the globe, people are going through the same pressure and anxiety, and we’ll refer to the Moon this April as the Awakening Moon. However, the Pink Supermoon would be a spectacle.

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