Physicist’s New Mind-Blowing Theory Reveals Where Aliens Might Be Hiding

Physicist’s New Mind-Blowing Theory Reveals Where Aliens Might Be Hiding

Regardless of how much we might be tempted to believe that some people belong to other planets, astronomers are pretty sure that there’s no definitive proof for any encounter with aliens yet. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up all hope that humanity will ever find extraterrestrial beings. 

But since we can’t find aliens at the moment, maybe we’ll have more success trying to guess where they might be hiding. That seems to be what Ben Zuckerman from the University of California Los Angeles had in mind, who’s a professor of physics and astronomy and also the co-author of a new study. 

Do aliens exist in Dyson spheres?

According to, the new study where Zuckerman was co-author claims that extraterrestrial and intelligent beings might be hiding in Dyson spheres that orbit white dwarfs from our galaxy.

But although it might sound like hitting the jackpot and getting closer to finding some aliens, there’s no use opening up the champagne just yet. Scientists aren’t even sure that Dyson spheres exist.

Here’s what Ben Zuckerman had to say in an email for

If any Dyson spheres do exist, they will likely be hard to find because there are so many stars that must be searched.

He also added, as the same source quotes:

The signal from the Dyson sphere will likely be very faint compared to the star about which it orbits.

Our Milky Way galaxy is known to have somewhere between 100 billion to 200 billion stars. As for white dwarfs, scientists also estimate that there should be about ten billion of these cosmic objects in our galaxy.

The first public hearing in 50 years on UFOs took place a few weeks ago, as some were concerned that humanity might have already come in contact with alien life forms.


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