The Ozone Layer Is Not Healing Itself

The Ozone Layer Is Not Healing Itself

The Ozone layer is the invisible shield, formed of O3 molecules, which protects the Earth from the high-energy ultraviolet light coming from the Sun. A few years ago, a UN report showed that the measures implemented to protect the Ozon layer are helped by the fact that the Ozon layer is healing itself. However, recent studies have proven that the Ozone layer is not healing itself.

The causes and the measure to protect the Ozone layer

The Ozone layer is affected especially by chlorofluorocarbons heavy usage. Additionally, the Ozone layer is also affected by volcanic activity and climate changes.

However, 30 years ago scientists implemented the measure of limiting the chlorofluorocarbons use, along with other measures to reduce toxins that would affect the Ozone layer.

“The Ozone layer is healing itself”

Just a few years ago, a UN report proudly stated that the Ozone layer is healing itself and that the humanity is on the right path.

“Great Britain, for example, has 5% less ozone than it had 30 years ago, but it would have been twice as bad if we had not stopped CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). There would’ve been problems with skin cancer, eyesight, and crops. We made a decision to deal with the problem and we have to congratulate ourselves for that,” stated, back then, Susan Solomon from the MIT.

The Ozone layer is NOT healing itself, recent studies show

Of course, the measures to limit the use of CFCs are still the best to protect the Ozone layer. However, this has nothing to do with the healing of the Ozone layer.

According to new research in this field, it has been proven that the Ozone layer is not healing itself. The upper Ozone layer shows almost the same values as it did years ago, proving so the effectiveness of the protective measures.

On the other hand, unfortunately, the lower Ozone layer has significantly decreased. Scientists are still studying how this happened.

In conclusion, the scientists agree that CFCs limitation helped the Ozone layer not to degrade more but the Ozone layer is not healing itself.


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