Our Solar System is Surrounded By an Unexplainable Glow of Light

Our Solar System is Surrounded By an Unexplainable Glow of Light

There are plenty of mysteries regarding our Solar System, and we can now add another one to the list. Data collected by the Hubble telescope, such as 200,000 images, led to the discovery of a so-called “ghost light” surrounding the Solar System. Astronomers can’t explain why the surrounding light exists, as the stars that exist nearby our Solar System don’t justify it.

The SKYSURF project and international collaboration is responsible for the new unusual discovery, according to ScienceAlert

There are a few theories

Since astronomers don’t know what they’re dealing with, all they can do is theorize. Luckily or not, there are some possible explanations for the existence of the glow of light surrounding our Solar System. 

The most plausible theory is that our Solar System also has a dust component that hasn’t been detected by astronomers yet. If it’s true, the huge amount of dust might be reflecting light from the Sun and thus generating a glow. The dust could have its origin in comets.

Tim Carleton, an astronomer from Arizona State University, explained, as NASA’s website quotes:

If our analysis is correct there’s another dust component between us and the distance where New Horizons made measurements. That means this is some kind of extra light coming from inside our Solar System,

Because our measurement of residual light is higher than New Horizons, we think it is a local phenomenon that is not from far outside the Solar System. It may be a new element to the contents of the Solar System that has been hypothesized but not quantitatively measured until now.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect about our Solar System remains the fact that it contains a planet like Earth, which is teeming with life – about 8.7 million species, to be more precise. 

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