One Vaccine Has Successfully Combated Cancer In Lab Mice – When Will It Be Available In Humans?

One Vaccine Has Successfully Combated Cancer In Lab Mice – When Will It Be Available In Humans?

Injecting small amounts of immune system stimulants directly into the solid tumors in mice can eliminate any trace of cancer, including untreated metastases, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The method works for many different types of cancer, including those that occur spontaneously and breast, lung, and skin cancer.

The vaccine against cancer

The scientists involved in the vaccine’s development believe that injections with tiny amounts of active agents could become a fast and cheap cancer therapy without the side effects of the actual immune-boosting therapies.

Dr. Ronald Levy, oncologist and the study’s author, explained that when the two active agents in the vaccine were used together, the elimination of malign tumors emerged throughout the body.

He considers that this approach does not include the process of identifying immune-specific characteristics in tumors and it will not be mandatory to completely activate the patient’s immune system or to altering the immune cells of the patients.

One of the active agents in the cancer vaccine is already approved for human use and the other has already been tested in humans in clinical trials.

When will it be available in humans?

According to the specialists, this treatment will not be available in a few weeks or months.

Let’s not forget that it is necessary to switch from mice to the first person treated with this vaccine.

Such a procedure means lots of clinical trials split up in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies. Without these studies, the cancer vaccine cannot be used.

If the results in humans will be just as spectacular as those in mice, then the things will be going at an accelerated pace.

As an estimate, oncologists who commented on the cancer vaccine discovery agree that a minimum one year may take until patient trials are finished and the medicine can be sent for official approval.


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