Octopuses Are Alien Creatures, According To A Group Of Scientists

Octopuses Are Alien Creatures, According To A Group Of Scientists

Octopuses are some of the strangest creatures on Earth, that’s for sure. A new study, however, claims that octopuses are alien creatures and could originate from the far-distant galaxies. Even more, scientists believe these creatures arrive on the Earth with asteroids carrying frozen eggs.

The idea that these cephalopods are of extraterrestrial origin is being promoted by a team of 33 scientists. They have developed an ample study on these creatures, and the results are impressive.

The study points to the idea that the genes of these creatures appear to be detached from the animal kingdom on Earth, making them unique and different.

Octopuses are alien creatures that arrive on Earth with an asteroid, scientists say

The study in question claims that a few million years ago, with the help of panspermia, frozen octopuses eggs arrived on our planet. The theory of panspermia presupposes that the life forms travel through space with meteorites, asteroids, space dust, and comets.

Scientists are of the opinion that this event occurred in the Cambrian era, and since then, and until today, the octopuses have adapted well to new living conditions.

The scientific work suggests that all planets which can sustain life in the Universe function as an interconnected network. That is, the researchers say, any form of life that arrives on a planet that can sustain life can adapt to the living conditions of that planet over a period of time.

Octopuses are much more evolved than other creatures on the Earth

The genome of the octopus is extremely complex, with over 33,000 genes encoding proteins, by far, much more than in the case of humans. Also, octopuses’ extremely large brain compared to their bodies, the ability to change their color but also the flexibility of their limbs are just a few of the attributes of the octopuses that, according to the study, make them special and so different from the other animals on Earth.

The scientists said that octopus genes should not exist on our planet because they do not fit into the evolutionary patterns of the life on Earth.

In short, these cephalopods are too evolved for everything that life means on Earth and this is why a group of 33 scientists believe that octopuses are alien creatures, in fact.


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