Obese Adults Must Be Extra Careful With Alcohol Intake – Cancer Could Kick In

Obese Adults Must Be Extra Careful With Alcohol Intake – Cancer Could Kick In

If you’re at least a bit interested in living a healthy life, surely you know that consuming alcoholic beverages frequently shouldn’t exactly be taken into account. Over time, a person could develop numerous diseases due to alcohol consumption, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and more.

But things can become even more complicated if the person who’s consuming alcohol is obese. In this case, he is more likely to develop certain diseases, a new study says.

Overweight people who consume alcohol have higher chances of developing cancer

Daily Mail writes about a new study of the University of Sydney upon 400,000 adults from the UK. The researchers concluded that those who consume alcohol and are overweight have three times higher chances of dealing with cancer compared to those who don’t possess extra weight.

The researchers have followed how many of the numerous participants in the study developed cancer-related to alcohol intake during a period of 12 years. Even those individuals who had the least fat in their bodies were at higher risk of developing cancer. Only 19 percent, though, but it’s still an increase.

Dr Elif Inan-Eroglu, leader of the study, stated as Daily Mail quotes:

Alcohol drinking guidelines should consider the obesity levels of people.

People with obesity, especially those with excess body fat, need to be more aware of the risks around alcohol consumption.

But what intake of alcohol is safe if you’re a chubby individual? Here’s what the doctor said, as the same source quotes:

People with overweight and obesity should consume alcohol cautiously.

From a cancer-prevention standpoint, the safest level of alcohol consumption is total avoidance.

Cancer kills 10 million people every year, according to worldcancerday.org. This is indeed sad also because at least a third of common cancers can be preventable, according to the same source.


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