Numerous Radio Signals Reach the Earth From the Depths of Space

Numerous Radio Signals Reach the Earth From the Depths of Space

If you don’t remember how the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day” started, we’ll gladly refresh your memory: the world is bombarded by radio signals coming from space. Later on in the famous sci-fi movie, the nightmare of many became a reality: aliens started to invade the Earth using their huge and powerful spaceships.

Once in a blue moon, radio signals coming from space are intercepted by our planet in the real world as well. Without intending to rock the boat, we must say that scientists have long struggled to find explanations for those mysterious phenomena and their origins.

As for now, scientists and astronomers seem to have more homework to do than ever before. 

Thousands of radio signals coming from space puzzle astronomers

The New York Post reveals that our planet has intercepted thousands of radio signals coming from deep space, while 50 of them come from repeating sources. Canadian astronomers are responsible for the discovery, and they don’t rule out the possibility that alien life forms are finally ‘waving’ at us.

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment takes advantage of a powerful radio telescope from British Columbia to detect the mysterious radio signals.

An official statement writes:

Most of the thousands of FRBs that astronomers have discovered to date have only ever been seen to burst once, but there is a small subset that have been seen to burst multiple times,

One of the big questions is whether the repeating FRBs and those that don’t repeat have similar origins.

Dr. Ziggy Pleunis, the author of the new study, explained:

FRBs are likely produced by the leftovers from explosive stellar deaths.

By studying repeating FRB sources in detail, we can study the environments that these explosions occur in and understand better the end stages of a star’s life.

Stay tuned for more news on the subject!


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