Not Being Able to Hold Your Balance on One Leg Might Mean Bad News for You, New Research Claims

Not Being Able to Hold Your Balance on One Leg Might Mean Bad News for You, New Research Claims

Assuming that you haven’t been the lord of the drinks a night before, you should be able to stay on one foot for a few seconds at least. If not, it could be bad news for you, and a new study that The Guardian speaks about has more to say on the subject.

The new study in question represents the work of an international team of scientists from the US, the UK, Australia, Finland, and Brazil. They were led by Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo of the Clinimex exercise medicine clinic that’s located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The researchers suspected that there has to be a connection between balance and the evanescence of life, which is why they initiated a big study that lasted for 12 years. 

Not being able to stay on one foot for 10 seconds means you may have higher chances of death within a decade

The researchers involved in the study came to the scary conclusion that if a person who’s at least in the middle part of life is not able to stay on one foot for 10 seconds, they are at higher risk of dying in a maximum of 10 years. The risk of death might be almost twice.

Balance starts to decrease for a person starting at about 60 years old. You might need to rely on the new study, as over 1,700 people aged between 51 and 72 years old were followed for 12 years. They also had stable balance while walking. 

The researchers wrote, according to Sky News:

Routinely using the static balance test in adults with a wide age range and diverse clinical conditions, the test has been remarkably safe, well-received by the participants, and importantly, simple to incorporate in our routine practice as it requires less than one or two minutes to be applied.

It’s important to keep in mind that the new study didn’t establish a cause, as it’s poorly observational.

The new findings appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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