Newfound Space Rock in Antarctica Weighs Over 7 Kilograms

Newfound Space Rock in Antarctica Weighs Over 7 Kilograms

Ah, space rocks! Those mysterious celestial bodies that have been hurtling through the vast expanse of space for eons, only to come crashing down to Earth in a fiery blaze of glory. But not all space rocks meet their demise in such a dramatic fashion. You see, some of these space rocks are made of tougher stuff and can withstand the intense heat and pressure of the Earth’s atmosphere. They come hurtling down to the surface in large chunks, like a meteorite on a mission.

These space rocks, known as meteorites, are true survivors. They’ve been through the wringer, having been bombarded by cosmic rays and the harsh vacuum of space for millions of years. But when they finally make it to Earth, they’re still in one piece and ready to tell their tale.

Some meteorites are made of rock, while others are made of metal. Some are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, while others are massive and weigh several tons.

Newfound meteorite in Antarctica weighs 17 pounds

According to Gizmodo, researchers, including Maria Valdes from the University of Chicago, found five meteorites in the tundra of Antarctica. At least one of them stands out for its size, as it weighs almost 17 pounds – 16.7 pounds (7.6 kilograms), to be more precise. 

Valdes explained in a statement:

Size doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to meteorites, and even tiny micrometeorites can be incredibly scientifically valuable,

But of course, finding a big meteorite like this one is rare, and really exciting.

According to the estimations of the same scientist, to find such a big meteorite in the frozen continent is indeed something rare. 

In general, finding a large meteorite on Earth is relatively rare, as the majority of meteorites that reach the surface are small and are quickly eroded or covered up by natural processes. Additionally, the Earth’s surface is vast, and many meteorites land in remote or uninhabited areas, making them difficult to find.

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