Newfound Ocean Planet is Suspected to Be Hosting Life

Newfound Ocean Planet is Suspected to Be Hosting Life

Measuring 92 billion light-years in diameter, the observable Universe is indeed unimaginably huge. God knows how big the entire Cosmos is, as those numbers are only available for its ‘observable’ part. In such dimensions, where trillions of galaxies exist, you would say that the possibility for life to exist elsewhere is also very high. But one thing that scientists barely admit is that the existence of life on Earth, especially in its extraordinary diversity (over 8.7 million species, including plants), is truly a miracle. 

Life certainly cannot pop out everywhere and at any time, even under the “right conditions.” But that doesn’t mean that astronomers have to give up hope in searching for life on other planets. We’re glad they are still searching!

Eyes set on the TOI-1452 b exoplanet

TOI-1452 b is an exoplanet orbiting a red-dwarf star similar to the Sun, located about 100 light-years away from Earth and in the Draco constellation. The planet is also placed in the “Goldilocks Zone” of its solar system, and it’s even suspected of hosting an ocean. Under these conditions, it becomes safe to assume that there is a possibility for the exoplanet to be harboring some forms of life as well.

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René Doyon, who is Université de Montréal Professor and also Director of iREx and of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic (OMM), explained as ScienceDaily quotes:

I’m extremely proud of this discovery because it shows the high calibre of our researchers and instrumentation,

It is thanks to the OMM, a special instrument designed in our labs called SPIRou, and an innovative analytic method developed by our research team that we were able to detect this one-of-a-kind exoplanet.

The discovery of the TOI-1452 b exoplanet was announced by an international team of scientists that was led by the University of Montreal.

The new research was published in The Astronomical Journal


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